International payments software for banks.

Automate manual processes to enhance profits.

Give your customers the international payments experience they demand. Easy to use and easy to instate, Cymonz' highly configurable platform automates manual processes that stand between you and a simple, cost-effective outcome.

Delivering the international payments experience banks and their customers want.

Better User Experience

Banking customers around the world are demanding faster processes and cost-effective transactions, and are happy to leap from bank to bank until they are satisfied. Cymonz provides an easy to use, secure platform for customers to self-service all of their FX requirements 24 hours a day.

Fewer manual processes

Streamline your back-office processes by automatically moving funds from customers to suspense accounts doing away with manual entry.

Freedom to choose

Cymonz is integrated with multiple liquidity and rails providers to ensure you can utilise the best payment rails for each and every corridor you wish to serve. If Cymonz isn't already, we can integrate with each and every provider.

Fewer development costs

Building a new International Payments and Currency Exchange platform internally is expensive and without guidance can go wrong. Add to that equation the cost of pulling staff away from their core duties. Cymonz software is ready to go out of the box or as configurable as you need it to be.

Peace of mind

Access enhanced anti-money laundering features such as negative lists, transaction alerting and real-time Sanction and PEP screening.

A scalable international payment solution that integrates with the bank’s core system and assists both their retail, business and financial markets customers.

Cymonz Banking
Business and Financial Market solution

  • A single sign-on integration.
  • White label front-end with the bank’s branding.
  • Customers can place spot, forward and limit orders as well as view their foreign currency account balances.
  • Variable levels of access and functionality can be issued to employees.

Cymonz Banking
Retail client solution

  • Integrate with Cymonz’ API’S so that retail clients can make international payments through internet banking as they normally would.
  • Alternatively, you may integrate with Cymonz’ retail white label solution.
  • Bank staff can manage trades in Cymonz’ Back office management application.
  • The Back office management application integrates with 3rd party solutions that will automate the Banks payment processing.
  • View all trades being processed with a hands-off, heavily automated approach.
  • Connected to liquidity and payment providers to ensure risk is appropriately managed and payments are straight-through processed.
Cymonz international payments software  user interface

How flexible is our international payments software?
Find out for yourself.

Key features.

The flexibility to update legacy systems, automate manual handling, and give your customers the experience they demand.

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Responsive website

Your customers can transfer currency at live market rates or set limit orders to be automatically monitored and executed. You set the currencies available, the margins (profit markup) charged and the hours clients can trade. Your customers are buying and selling currency, specifying payment details in a secure, efficient and competitive environment.

Secure account registration

Customers can register for your currency exchange services online and access, view and provide any required compliance documentation. Our integrations with Netverify (c) allow your customer to easily provide identification requirements and our PEP databases ensure you are meeting compliance obligations. If you already hold the appropriate data for your client contact us to learn how you can bypass this process.

Easy-to-use Content Management System

Get full control of the public pages you display to your clients and leads. Manage colours, logos, menus, pages available and all your content through our content management system along with selecting whether to display currency calculators to the public.

Straightforward customer management

Allow customers to register for your currency service and process their registrations and compliance information. Once registered, control the customer's margins and markups, fees, settlement methods, users and view the full history for all customer accounts.

Integrate key currency functionality

Our API allows you to integrate key currency functionality into your in-house or customer-facing applications, provide access to third party developers or even provide customers access to their account through the API. The REST based API provides functionality to create customer accounts, transact currency, manage beneficiaries and pull complete account history.

Real time risk management

If you elect to not use automatic clearing on all client transactions you can manage your risk through your currency position sheets in real time. Positions are marked to market every thirty seconds and any new transactions are added in real time. Manage required liquidity through SWAPs and automatically close and transfer positions daily.

Integrated compliance, AML and KYC

Cymonz integrates with PEP databases for automatic database name scanning. As PEP matches are made, compliance is alerted and matches can be processed within the application. Set matches as positive, false positive or suspend accounts and report to outside authorities if required. Set your risk management and suspicious transaction monitoring rules and allow your application to notify your compliance staff of any suspicious transactions.

Less time to launch

Cymonz white label functionality provides you with the ability to easily and quickly launch white labels for your partners in a few minutes.