Simon had been in the international payments & FX industry his entire adult life, starting as a night dealer, moving through positions in the industry. In 2008 he started a technology company that took international payments online and was later acquired by HIFX (now owned by XE).

It was during this time that he noticed a shroud of mystery that covered the industry. A shroud that masked a rigidity - a ‘locked in’ nature that meant customers weren’t getting the results that suited them.

Simon started out as the sole employee of Cymonz. His first customer was a Foreign Exchange company. Cymonz was involved in optimising all aspects of their business from the technology build and regulatory licensing through to staff employment and sales plans.

Cymonz has a team of over 20. Having been heavily bootstrapped, the company is a leader and enabler of international payments platforms, delivering custom solutions to banks, money services businesses and remittance businesses around the world.

The platform can be quickly provisioned as a standalone service or deeply integrated into core systems to provide streamlined currency exchange and payments services.

This fast-growing fintech backed by an amazing team are on a journey to better serve the international payments industry, while at the same time providing the end customer with a personalised experience.

Ideas we value.

Better business through technology

True innovation is a trait that is recognised and rewarded by our peers rather than being self-endowed. By tenaciously grasping the white-hot leading edge of technology, our bold choices pay off when they become rewarding strategies for our customers.

Be bold

Unique brands don’t blend. The only way to stand out is to be truly outstanding in every aspect of our craft. That means being brave and making bold choices.

Own it

This software platform is ours. We built it from the ground up. Every time we instate a solution for our customers we make choices. These choices are ours and we must own them. With each subsequent success story, our reputation for being FinTech pioneers is further entrenched.

Flexibility through FX ability

Being agnostic means we give our clients freedom to choose. It also means we can respond faster and get better results in a shorter time. To be truly effective in the tech sector we must remain nimble and focused, so we always land the dismount.


A delivery-focused business with passionate people creating success for our customers and their customers.


Streamline & automate international payments for customers of Banks, MSB’S & Remittance businesses through the use of innovative and secure technology.


To lift the veil of mystery that has shrouded the international payments industry and bring change to the industry that helps our customers deliver better results faster, and to be recognised as true FinTech pioneers.

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The Leadership Team

Simon Lynch – Cymonz founder

Simon Lynch

Founder & CEO

Simon Lynch founded Cymonz in 2013, with over 20 years experience in the international payments industry, previously the CEO of Elldrige Lynch and Lakros Technologies prior to being sold to HiFx in 2008.  Simon has covered all roles from trading, sales, compliance, operations and technology.

Mathew McCullough

Mathew McCullough

Chief Commercial Officer

Matt has come from an international trade background and understands what it takes to grow and scale a business at speed. A fanatic when it comes to disruptive technologies and automation. Matt has experienced first-hand what struggles Business customers have when making international payments with their bank.

Justin Crawshay – Cymonz Chief Technical Officer

Justin Crawshay

Chief Technical Officer

Justin has worked in the technology industry for the past 20 years, he has worked at some world-renowned R&D companies in Europe, from piecing together measurement libraries to automating microscopes for imaging suites. Returning to New Zealand, Justin’s had numerous hands-on technical leadership roles gaining experience in a range of industries including ten years in Banking.

Rebecca Tyson

Rebecca Tyson

Chief Operating Officer

Rebecca has held numerous roles within the technology space, both in development, consulting and implementation roles across a variety of sectors. Rebecca has worked in agile product development teams including in the RegTech industry and has lead large scale implementation projects worldwide for Government and local businesses. Rebecca brings her vast development knowledge, end user experience to Cymonz and easily translates business requirements into the product features.

Monika Jha

Monika Jha

Chief Product Officer

Monika was the first employee of Cymonz and has now been with the Company for 10 years. Monika has a wealth of knowledge having been involved in many aspects of the business such as product development, customer engagement, human resources and vendor relationships.

Simon Lynch – Cymonz founder

Monika Jha

Team Lead

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