Flexible international payments software.

The currency exchange payments platform that transforms customer experience.

Cymonz offers a highly scalable and configurable international payments and currency exchange platform that can be quickly provisioned as a standalone service or deeply integrated into core systems, streamlining customer experience and delivering cost-effective self service outcomes.

Our IP is your USP.

Our International Payments software becomes your branded Unique Selling Point delivering customers the outcomes they want.

We digitalise. You capitalise.

Automate manual processes, buying you the time and margin to give your customers a streamlined and cost-effective experience.

Flexibility that gives you enhanced FX ability.

Flexibility in the form of utility.

You can add your brand to one of our out-of-the-box solutions or have us build out our customer-facing front-end and back-end management applications to suit your outcomes.

Flexibility from being agnostic.

You can choose the FX liquidity and payment rails providers with whom you want to operate or use our existing relationship and payment rail integrations.

Strengthened by affordability.

Ease of instatement and a learning curve that is virtually flat means quicker provisioning so you get faster Return On Investment.

Built upon a solid foundation of reliability.

Our team has been creating international payments and currency exchange software for banks, money services businesses and remittance businesses around the world since 2008.


Tonga Development Bank

Tonga Development Bank

A cost-effective remittance solution empowering individuals

Remote migrant workers were once plagued with a high costs when remitting money. The International Finance Corporation and Tonga Development Bank, developed a concept which provided a solution for low-cost remittances. Cymonz instated their remittance platfrom that enabled the delivery of this solution. Each new transaction saves the customer money, creates new revenue streams for Tonga Development Bank and adds strength to Tonga’s import/ export ledger.

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MoniPlus FX

MoniPlus FX

Keep up with the banks, and give customers what they want

MoniPlus Fx opened new revenue streams and offered their customers competitive rates by implementing Cymonz scalable international payments platform — the first of its kind in Papua New Guinea.

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Who we serve.


Automate manual processes that stand between you and a simple, cost-effective outcome.

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Money Service Businesses
/ Financial Services

Enjoy a low cost of ownership, more profit and more time to focus on driving sales.

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Get the best payment rail for each and every corridor you wish to serve.

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Retail Chains

An improved retail customer experience through offering financial services.

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A compliant remittance service with a low cost of ownership.

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Scalable international payments software.

Automate and increase profitability. Flexible cross border currency exchange software solutions for feature-rich operation in the international payments industry.

Banks, Financial Services / Money Service Businesses
or Remittance Businesses

Cymonz integrates with pre-existing liquidity and FX networks enabling a back-to-back payment setup with your liquidity provider while ensuring maximised straight-through processing.

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An end-to-end payments solution, with AML features to remove customer risk, and flexible pricing options, increasing customer satisfaction through digitalisation while decreasing overheads through workflows and integrations or straight through processing.

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Simon Lynch – Cymonz founder

About us

When Simon Lynch founded Cymonz in 2011 he had a singular vision – to provide international payment businesses and their customers with a highly scalable platform that delivered the outcomes they wanted.

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