Scalable international payments platform.

Automate and increase profitability. Flexible international payment and currency exchange software solutions for feature-rich operation in the international payments industry.

Out of the box or configured to suit, Cymonz integrates with pre-existing liquidity and FX networks enabling a back-to-back payment setup while ensuring maximised straight-through processing.

Increase customer satisfaction through digitalisation while decreasing overheads through workflows and integrations.

Why is Cymonz more flexible?

Here are seven reasons…


End to end automation

Legacy systems replaced by an automated system that carries out straight through processes allowing customers to reduce admin staff overheads and focus on driving sales.


Scalable and affordable

Grows alongside your business with cost-effective international payment solutions that allow you to scale, automate and increase your profitability.


Agnostic integration

Integrated but not tied to FX and liquidity providers. Integrated with multiple liquidity providers and different FX networks, allowing you to process transactions back to back, removing manual processes and knowing what margin you will make each time a customer trades.


Centralised utility

The ability to collect, convert, pay and manage in one centralised location.


User-friendly customisation

Intuitive international payment platform that ensures the customer gets the simple, smooth, slick, hassle-free experience they demand.


Secure and vigilant

AML features that remove the risk for the customer. View and manage compliance (PEP’S & Sanctions) from inside the back office management application.


Easily branded

White label the platform under your customer’s brand with Foreign Exchange flows running through your business.

“For those looking for an end-to-end solution, we provide you with a configurable, scalable network with the payment flexibility of our integrated partners.”
Cymonz end-to-end international payments software.Cymonz end-to-end international payments software.

Our features.

Our international payments platform offers flexible automation and digitalisation options to suit your customers, your management team and
your partners.

A full-service currency and payments platform to grow your FX business cost effectively.


The client website, as well as iOS and Android applications allow customers to enter into currency transactions at live rates, request payments, place and manage limit orders. As well as add and manage beneficiaries, view the history of their accounts and manage their account information and users.

Responsive website

Your customers can transfer currency at live market rates or set limit orders to be automatically monitored and executed. You set the currencies available, the margins (profit markup) charged and the hours clients can trade. Your customers are buying and selling currency, specifying payment details in a secure, efficient and competitive environment.

Dynamic iOS and Android applications

Your clients can transact all their currency requirements from their smart phones. Functionality is the same as your customer website offering and includes a client dashboard, currency transactions, limit orders, beneficiary management, account history and account management functionality.

Secure account registration

Customers can register for your currency exchange services online and access, view and provide any required compliance documentation. Our integrations with Netverify (c) allow your customer to easily provide identification requirements and our PEP databases ensure you are meeting compliance obligations. If you already hold the appropriate data for your client contact us to learn how you can bypass this process.

Easy-to-use Content Management System

Get full control of the public pages you display to your clients and leads. Manage colours, logos, menus, pages available and all your content through our content management system along with selecting whether to display currency calculators to the public.

Configurable beneficiary management

Customers can manage the beneficiaries to whom they wish to pay currency, adding new, editing current or approving changes. Customers can view complete payment history for all beneficiaries and currency contracts and manage payment notifications for advising beneficiaries once payments are sent. In addition our payment validation fields are configured to match your requirements ensuring you get the right bank information.

Accessible account history and balances

Give your customers complete control of the their account, every foreign currency transaction, receipt and payment your customer makes is recorded in their history. Your customers can access history any time, view the related currency, payment or receipt confirmations and email to anyone that requires a copy. In addition, you can set preferences for allowing customers to hold funds on account with you allowing account balances and payments direct from account.

Stratifiable user management

Customers can add sub users to their accounts and manage user permissions and account information in an easy to use interface. Administrators can add users, set permissions, reset passwords and suspend active users or activate previously suspended users. Company administrators can also activate second level approval for both currency payments, beneficiary additions or modification and user additions or modifications.

Back Office

The back office application provides all the functionality and business processes required to run a deliverable currency business. Cymonz has taken years of currency exchange, payments knowledge and business processes, and developed this into an easy to use platform.

Comprehensive customer transactions

Process customer currency exchange transactions and currency limit orders. Receive a complete overview of customers requesting exchange rates either online or by phone. Manage customer limit orders and execute automatically when the required market rate is reached or execute early once profit is available.

Straightforward customer management

Allow customers to register for your currency service and process their registrations and compliance information. Once registered, control the customer's margins and markups, fees, settlement methods, users and view the full history for all customer accounts.

Manage FX settlements and currency payments

Set your settlements process times and then follow the  work flow for all daily settlement tasks and processes. Manage customer receipts and bank account statements, counter party reconciliations, extend or cancel overdue contracts, view and execute counter party and beneficiary currency payments and link customer bank accounts where direct debits are available.

Real time risk management

If you elect to not use automatic clearing on all client transactions you can manage your risk through your currency position sheets in real time. Positions are marked to market every thirty seconds and any new transactions are added in real time. Manage required liquidity through SWAPs and automatically close and transfer positions daily.

Integrated compliance, AML and KYC

Cymonz integrates with PEP databases for automatic database name scanning. As PEP matches are made, compliance is alerted and matches can be processed within the application. Set matches as positive, false positive or suspend accounts and report to outside authorities if required. Set your risk management and suspicious transaction monitoring rules and allow your application to notify your compliance staff of any suspicious transactions.

Configurable currency management

Customise the currency exchange application to fit your branding and business processes. Select your colours and logo, opening hours, customise public pages and email content and control your margins, fees, bank accounts and countries and or states serviced. Set the form fields for registration, restrict access to the back office based on IP and set the languages you wish to offer your service in.

Customisation & multilingual support

Change the currency exchange application to fit your branding and business processes. Select your colours and logo, input opening hours, customise public pages and email content and control your margins, fees, bank accounts and countries and or states serviced. Set the form fields for registration, restrict access to the back office based on IP and set the languages you wish to offer your service in.

White Label

Create a client website for your partners. With it they can offer currency exchange and payment services to their clients using their own brand. Set the profit share with the partner either giving them a percentage of the total profit or set a turnover percentage for each transaction.

Less time to launch

Cymonz white label functionality provides you with the ability to easily and quickly launch white labels for your partners in a few minutes.

Simple revenue and fee sharing

Share your service with partners who have a captured client base, generating more currency flows and revenue for your business. You set the profit share with the partner either giving them a percentage of the total profit or set a turnover percentage that they will earn on each transaction.

Customise access to suit the partnership

All currency transactions flow through to your back office. Compliance, trading and settlement functions are managed from within your back office and under your complete control however you can grant restricted access to your partners. You can allow them to transact for their customers by phone, manage their customers compliance information or even receipt their customer's funds, paying you in bulk each day after deducting their profit share. The choice is yours based on the type of partnerships you wish to maintain.

Operate multiple brands

Simply set up a new white label for each brand and everything else can be set to flow as normal.

API & Addons

Integrate liquidity and payment providers so you can automatically clear transactions, integrate with salesforce for enhanced customer management or our API for you to integrate custom functionality with your own or third-party applications.

Automate FX liquidity & payments

Liquidity & payment providers are the banks and other financial institutions that provide currency exchange businesses and banks with currency rates and transactions, receipting services and payments to beneficiaries. With Cymonz you can automatically clear transactions via counter parties, reducing your risk and management time.

Integrate key currency functionality

Our API allows you to integrate key currency functionality into your in-house or customer-facing applications, provide access to third party developers or even provide customers access to their account through the API. The REST based API provides functionality to create customer accounts, transact currency, manage beneficiaries and pull complete account history.

Our API plays well with others

Integrate key currency functionality into your own or other third party applications. The REST based API is secured using OAuth. All transactions created through the API flow into the back office management application to enable management of currency transactions, settlement of transactions, compliance related tasks and management reporting.