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Integrate liquidity and payment providers so you can automatically clear transactions, integration with salesforce for enhanced customer management or our own API for you to integrate customer functionality with your own or third party applications.


Liquidity & payment providers are the banks and other financial institutions that provide currency exchange businesses and banks with currency rates and transactions, receipting services and payments to beneficiaries. Cymonz provides the ability to automatically clear transactions via counter parties reducing your risk and management time. Get in touch to learn more about our integrated counter parties or discuss how we can integrate with your current providers.


The Cymonz API allows you to integrate key currency functionality into your in house or customer facing applications, provide access to third party developers or even provide customers access to their account through the API. The REST based API provides functionality to create customer accounts, transact currency, manage beneficiaries and pull complete account history.

Integrate with for all your customer relationship management and campaign management requirements. Cymonz sends leads, client accounts, quotes and transaction data to salesforce along with lead tracking data so you can see true ROI on your campaigns and get in-depth analysis on your client base and currency transaction history. Extend salesforce through their partner management to add and communicate with affiliates or introducing partners.

Zendesk provides the software to implement a complete help desk and knowledge base for your customers. Allow customers to create support tickets, view your currency exchange and currency software knowledge base and get answers to their questions. Cymonz provides a set of templates for the knowledge base explaining to your clients how to create currency transactions and manage their account.

Google analytics and Adwords can be easily integrated with your Cymonz application by simply pasting the required code provided by Google into the fields provided in Cymonz. You are able to track all Adwords campaigns and get in depth information on visitors to your website.

Turn your customer’s smart-phone or computer into an ID scanning terminal that makes it fast and easy to capture and verify their ID and other credentials to meet KYC requirements and reduce fraud. The ID verification process only takes about 60s from start to finish and results are linked with customer accounts.

Send emails to your customer lists and see the statistics that really matter on email campaigns. Cymonz integrates with Mailchimp and keeps your standard email lists up to date as clients register and maintain their communication preferences. Create email campaigns or set auto responders as clients register for your service, have their accounts approved, place their first currency transaction, the choice is yours and under your control.

For advanced PEP scanning the world-check solution is a comprehensive and widely adopted source of structured intelligence on politically exposed persons (PEPs), heightened risk individuals and organizations. Cymonz updates lists twice daily and scans your database against these lists automatically notifying you of any potential matches.


The API allows you to integrate key currency functionality into your own or other third party applications. The REST based API is secured using OAuth. Functionality that is accessible through the API includes:

  • Customer creation
  • Set buy currencies, sell currencies Get available currencies
  • Beneficiary (recipient) creation and management
  • Currency exchange quote request and return of the request
  • Creation of a currency exchange transaction
  • Transaction status
  • Customer account history

All transactions created through the API flow into the back office management application to enable management of currency transactions, settlement of transactions, compliance related tasks and management reporting. Use cases for the API include:

  • Integration with internet banking applications
  • Set buy currencies, sell currencies Integration with payroll applications
  • Integration with invoice applications
  • Integration with accounting applications

Currency providers may choose to provide to their customers the ability to either transact through the customer website or mobile apps or to transact through their propriety application utilizing the API.


Cymonz integrates with a range of liquidity and payment providers enabling our customers to reduce risk and overhead by automatically covering currency transactions and passing beneficiary payments. Features include:

  • Live exchange rate data
  • Request quotes as your customers request quotes
  • Automatically execute transactions as your customers accept quotes
  • Pass beneficiary payment details for execution at time of transaction
  • Counter party payment information, individual transactions and net
  • Account statements for transactions, receipts and payments to beneficiaries.

Cymonz is constantly expanding the counter parties and payment providers that integrate with the platform, get in touch today for an introduction to a suited counter party or to learn how we can integrate you current counter parties.


Allow your leads to use their web camera or phone to photograph identification with real time approval.

  • Leads applying for accounts can photograph their required identification
  • Identification is scanned in real time, checked and approved as acceptable or false
  • When applying for accounts using their mobile phone users simply photograph their ID and all available details are automatically populated into the application form
  • Require leads to provide a photo of themselves as a second level approval and receive a face match score

World-check is one of the most detailed PEP lists available combining more than 200 worldwide lists updated twice daily. If you require a greater level of PEP scanning World-check is a great option.

  • Combines 200 PEP lists updated twice daily
  • Application scans all new accounts, directors and shareholders
  • All new beneficiaries added by customers are scanned in real time
  • At time of transaction all account details and beneficiary details are scanned
  • Full database scan weekly
  • Intuitive matching engine for processing matches, white lists and outside reporting ability

Copying and pasting one line of code is all it takes to integrate support direct into your customer currency exchange and payments website.

  • Integrate support direct within your currency application
  • Provide links to the knowledge base before support requests are submitted
  • Manage support tickets and workflow
  • Build our your community support

All your email lists automatically managed in one place using the best email tool available.

  • Add your API key to Cymonz application and your email lists are integrated
  • Keep specific lists for companies and individuals depending on the stage of their account
  • As leads are approved they are moved to a new list and after first deals are moved to your customer lists
  • Set automatic campaigns for each list ensuring your customers receive the right information at the right time

Manage your company users, assigning roles and permissions and logging all important tasks for tour security and compliance requirements.

  • Link your google analytics account for real time web traffic information
  • Link your paid google Adwords campaigns to monitor advertising efforts and receive accurate return on investment statisticsVIEW ALL FEATURES


With the built-in business processes, automation, integrations and leading sales and marketing applications your time is free to service and acquire customers. Fully customizable with full control of your pricing and fees.