The client website, iOS and Android applications allows customers to enter into currency transactions at live rates, request payments, place and manage limit orders, add and manage beneficiaries, view the history of their accounts and manage their account information and users.


Give your customers the ability to transfer currency at live market rates or set limit orders to be automatically monitored and executed. You set the currencies available, the margins (profit markup) charged and the hours clients can trade. Your customers buying and selling currency, specifying payment details in a secure, efficient and competitive environment.


Cymonz, as an add on to your base currency applications offers iOS and Android applications for your clients to transact all their currency requirements from their smart phones. Functionality is the same as your customer website offering. Functionality includes a client dashboard, currency transactions, limit orders, beneficiary management, account history and account management functionality.


Allow customers to register for your currency exchange services online and access, view and provide any required compliance documentation. Our integrations with Netverify (c) allow your customer to easily provide identification requirements and our PEP databases ensure you are meeting compliance obligations. If you already hold the appropriate data for your client contact us to learn how you can by pass this process.


Get full control of the public pages you display to your clients and leads. Manage colours, logos, menus, pages available and all your content through our content management system along with selecting whether to display currency calculators to the public.


Customers can manage their beneficiaries they wish to pay currency to, adding new, editing current or approving changes. Customers can view complete payment history for all beneficiaries and currency contracts and manage payment notifications for advising beneficiaries once payments are sent. In addition our payment validation fields are configured to match your requirements ensuring you get the right bank information each time.


Give your customers complete control of the their account, every foreign currency transaction, receipt and payment your customer makes is recorded in their history. Your customers can access history any time, view the related currency, payment or receipt confirmations and email to anyone that requires a copy. In addition you can set preferences for allowing customers to hold funds on account with you allowing account balances and payments direct from account.


Customers can add sub users to their accounts and manage user permissions and account information in an easy to use interface. Administrators can add users, set permissions, reset passwords and suspend active users or activate previously suspended users. Company administrators can also activate second level approval for both currency payments, beneficiary additions or modification and user additions or modifications.


Select a template or have us integrate your own design and manage your public pages, languages and text through our CMS.

  • Customizable template
  • Add your own content
  • Google Analytics and Adwords integration

Customers add a recipient and then specify their currency requirements, view live currency exchange rates and book transactions.

  • Live rates for spot and forward transactions
  • Add and mange limit orders with real time savings calculator
  • Quick quotes for pre defined transactions
  • Set rates to update anywhere from real time to 30 seconds
  • Clearly display exchange rate and fees before customer accepts transaction
  • Pay multiple beneficiaries
  • You set the mark up and fees globally or specifically by customer

Customers can access their full account history and view account balances.

  • Display history for currency transactions, receipts and payments
  • Customer can view full history, search, filter and export to CSV
  • Customers can re-generate confirmations to themselves or recipients
  • Allow customers to hold funds on account, display currency balances and available balances
  • Disburse funds from account with positive available balances
  • Use positive funds on account to settle currency transactions

Provide the ability for your customers to register accounts online, provide identification either by uploading required documents or using their web or phone camera to capture documents.

  • Configure application forms
  • Set specific fields for specific countries
  • Rename all fields in real time, set as required or optional
  • Users can provide identification by capturing documents using web cam with real time verification
  • Receive notification of any partly complete registrations

Customers can add recipients with account formats based on rules set by you to match your payment network requirements.

  • Add recipients with account formats checked in real time
  • View payment history to each recipient
  • Quick pay singular recipients through iOS and Android
  • Generate email confirmations to recipients when payments are released
  • Configure second level approval for confirming new or changed recipient details
  • Pay funds held on account to receipients and you set the fees for same currency transfers

Allow users to control access to their accounts and ensure all security information is logged.

  • Companies can add additional users to their accounts
  • Set permissions to access functions of the customer website
  • Second level confirmations for user changes, recipient details and releasing payments
  • Two level authentication with SMS codes
  • Log all users access details including time of login, IP and duration

The customer dashboard allows your customers to set their favourite rates and view all the currency information in a single configurable screen.

  • Add favourite rates and view exchange rate updates in real time
  • View account news feed, a history of activity
  • Pending and upcoming events notify customers of payments and receipts due
  • View recent quotes and one click to re-quote
  • Add, view and manage recipients
  • View account history, account balances and disbursements from foreign currency accounts
  • Add, manage and view all open market limit ordersVIEW ALL FEATURES


With the built-in business processes, automation, integrations and leading sales and marketing applications your time is free to service and acquire customers. Fully customizable with full control of your pricing and fees.