The back office application provides all the functionality and business processes required to run a deliverable currency business. Cymonz has taken years of currency exchange, payments knowledge and business processes and developed this into an easy to use platform.


Process customer currency exchange transactions and currency limit orders. Receive a complete overview of customers requesting exchange rates either online or by phone. Manage customer limit orders and execute automatically when the required market rate is reached or execute early once profit is available.


Allow customers to register for your currency service and process their registrations and compliance information. Once registered control the customers margins and markups, fees, settlement methods, users and view the full history for all customer accounts.


Set your settlements process times and then follow the settlements work flow for all daily settlement tasks and processes. Manage customer receipts and bank account statements, counter party reconciliations, extend or cancel overdue contracts, view and execute counter party and beneficiary currency payments and link customer bank accounts where direct debits are available.


If you elect to not use automatic clearing on all client transactions you can manage your risk through your currency position sheets in real time. Positions are marked to market every thirty seconds and any new transactions are added in real time. Manage required liquidity through SWAPs and automatically close and transfer positions daily.


Cymonz integrates with PEP databases for automatic database name scanning. As PEP matches are made compliance is alerted and matches can be processed within the application. Set matches as positive, false positive or suspend accounts and report to outside authorities if required. Set your risk management and suspicious transaction monitoring rules and allow your application to notify your compliance staff of any suspicious transactions.


Customise the currency exchange application to fit your branding and business processes. Select your colours and logo, opening hours, customise public pages and email content and control your margins, fees, bank accounts and countries and or states serviced. Set the form fields for registration, restrict access to the back office based on IP and set the languages you wish to offer your service in.


Customise the currency exchange application to fit your branding and business processes. Select your colours and logo, opening hours, customise public pages and email content and control your margins, fees, bank accounts and countries and or states serviced. Set the form fields for registration, restrict access to the back office based on IP and set the languages you wish to offer your service in.


Take a look at overview videos below or contact us for a full demonstration.


All the settings you need to configure to start your currency business. All basic requirements are covered in real time by adding and modifying your preferences.

  • Configure the currencies you offer
  • Set buy currencies, sell currencies or currencies you can buy and sell
  • Set rate feeds and default counter parties for each currency
  • Specify the countries you will accept customer registrations from, make payments too and accept receipts from
  • Set default settlement limits for each country and account type based on the countries home currency
  • Add you counter party accounts and specify accounts if the account handles liquidity, payments and or receipts and set the cut off times for all tasks both in your local and the account location times
  • Set you standard fees and margins
  • Margins are the markup applied to currency transactions and fees can be configured for online or offline transactions as well as offering fee free thresholds for customer transactions
  • Configure your risk preferences
  • Set if customers can hold funds on account or deposit funds to your account, transact forward contracts and if you can take direct debits from customers’ bank accounts
  • Configure forwards contract settings, turn on or off per currency, set maximum tenures, deposit rules and pre delivery and extensions rules and workflow
  • Configure the order of display for the currencies you offer, currency holidays and specific data you need to capture on customer registrations

Get all the important information on your customer accounts, view history and configure specific settings for margins, fees, settlements and limits.

  • Access your pending and active customer accounts.
  • View any customer registrations that were incomplete and complete on your customers behalf
  • View basic account and transaction information
  • View and edit / confirm compliance information along with any PEP matches on the account
  • View the complete account history including currency transactions, receipts and payments
  • Configure the customers specific margins and fees, settlements limits, trading limits, settlement methods, trading time and risk preferences
  • Add customer bank accounts for direct debits, integrate balances to override settlement limits
  • Add and manage customer users, set second level approval rules for new users, new beneficiaries or currency payments
  • Manage customers beneficiaries, add new and either set approval by your staff or notify the customer to approve the changes

Ensure that you are completing all required know your customer and anti money laundering tasks processing accounts based on exceptions and matches.

  • View and process account applications
  • View customer identification and address details
  • Process PEP matches
  • Mark PEP matches as open, false positive or suspend accounts
  • Report any account suspensions to required authorities
  • All customers, beneficiaries, shareholders and directors are scanned at the time of creation, all customers and beneficiaries at the time of a new transaction and the entire database weekly
  • PEP lists are updated twice daily with latest releases from the relevant authorities

Cymonz gives you the ability to customise all aspects of your currency exchange and payments service.

  • Set your home currency for reporting purposes
  • Add your time zone and any dates during the year the business is closed
  • Set the working hours and trading time
  • Set globally and then also have the option to configure on a currency by currency basis
  • Get access to every email that is generated for every event in the application and customise everything from the sent address through to the content, use short codes to insert data
  • Upload your logo and favicon, set the colours for your customer website and back office using the easy colour picker.
  • Set as many themes as you like to give your users a choice of colours they wish to view
  • Add your contact information
  • Select the languages that you wish to offer the service in
  • Configure your application forms, set the fields you require or are optional, add help text and customise for individual countries if required
  • Access your public pages CMS, add text or images and configure your menu items, update your currency public pages in real time

Transact at live rates on behalf of customers spot and forward contracts, view all quotes and real time usage of the customer website and manage your dealing book if warehousing positions.

  • Quote customers, select and verify customer, enter currency requirements and receive quote
  • View profit available on each quote, override the customer rate however not to a loss making situation
  • Confirm customer transactions and notify customer
  • View all customer quotes including live customer website quotes
  • Select to automatically back out or warehouse transactions
  • View dealer position blotter with currency totals, marked to market in real time displaying profit or loss
  • Add and view counter party contracts
  • View limit orders, execute orders early if customer rate reached but full profit target is not yet reached
  • View daily SWAP requirements to fulfil obligations, complete SWPAS and also internal transfers for end of day reporting

Stay informed about the performance of your business with scheduled reports providing the information relevant to you.

  • Run reports on demand or schedule reports to be run at pre defined times and emailed to specified users
  • Reports can be exported to CSV or PDF for emailed to selected users
  • Run reports for transactions, settlements, compliance, customers, dealing, counter party contract and much more.Configure your own reports with our report builder

Manage your company users, assigning roles and permissions and logging all important tasks for tour security and compliance requirements.

  • Create roles and assign permissions to roles to suit your companies procedures
  • Create new users, assign roles to each user or add specific permissions
  • Activate second level approval to force joint approval to any changes in roles or users
  • Manage all users including restricting login from whitelisted IP addresses, view usage logs and suspend accounts if necessary

Complete your daily settlements and reconciliation tasks with our easy to use workflow driven process.

  • Automatically create a currency account for each bank account held
  • Import, integrate or manually add daily bank and counter party statements
  • Automatically match customer receipt sand payments or manually search for matches
  • Match bank fees, interest and other charges along with other income
  • Complete daily bank reconciliations, matching the bank cash balance to the Cymonz application projected cash balance/View all overdue contracts at marked to market, extend, roll over or cancel overdue transactions
  • Add / edit or approve beneficiary changes
  • View daily SWAP requirements and process SWAPS through the dealer book
  • View and release payments to counter parties and receipt counter party credits
  • View, release or hold beneficiary payments, integrated direct with payment systems or export files in your chosen format
  • View and process direct debits to settle customer transactions

Create white label partners providing them with their own branded customer website and access to a restricted back office and share the profits on customer transactions.

  • Create, activate or suspend white label partners
  • Import, integrate or maSet profit share for partners both on currency transactions and payment fees
  • Assign partner permissions for access to the back office management application
  • Specify partner bank accounts for receipt of customer funds
  • Configure partner reporting for profit share and customer statistics
  • Manage partners customisation optionsVIEW ALL FEATURES


With the built-in business processes, automation, integrations and leading sales and marketing applications your time is free to service and acquire customers. Fully customizable with full control of your pricing and fees.